About Erin Sarofsky

Erin Sarofsky is Owner & Executive Creative Director of Sarofsky Corp.
 a design driven production company that specializes in live action production, visual effects, 3D development, design, animation and editorial for the entertainment and advertising communities. Erin is the internationally heralded creative visionary regularly chosen by brand and entertainment titans to lead their most artful storytelling projects.

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In 2009, Erin Sarofsky launched Sarofsky Corp. in Chicago’s booming West Loop. Recognized internationally for brilliant design-driven production that is limited only by the imagination, Erin and her firm have forged longstanding relationships with proven leaders of the advertising and entertainment industries.

Under Erin’s leadership, Sarofsky is well known for creating gorgeous, innovative main title sequences for blockbuster movies and television series, including “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Ant-Man,” “Doctor Strange,” “Animal Kingdom,” “Shameless” “Community,” and many others.

Over time, Erin’s artistry has expanded exponentially in every conceivable way, including in style and medium. Stylistically, she constantly breaks new ground as a live-action director. Recent examples include her mesmerizing macro imagery that sublimely introduces each episode of Animal Kingdom and her patent, iconic look brought to life for Jeep’s three-spot Release Your Renegade campaign. There’s also her signature, original marketing piece written and directed for Apple, which earned acclaim from the brand’s audiences worldwide.

Increasingly focused on developing original content, Erin’s future is building upon all her success. That includes her pivotal directing contributions to documentary projects like Girl Rising, a series in development that she created and co-wrote and her unbridled desire to tell important stories on the world stage, using the full powers of design and cinema.

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For pr inquiries, you can contact Roger Darnell @ 828.773.4410
For speaking inquiries, you can reach out to Nausheen and Ricky at Gravity Speakers. 650.587.1976
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For studio tours, you can contact Buffie Wixon @ 312.492.9909
For new business, you can contact Judy Wolff @ 212.889.5353

For general inquiries you can call the Sarofsky office to be directed to the appropriate department/person @312.492.9909///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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