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Erin Sarofsky is Owner & Executive Creative Director of Sarofsky Corp.
 a design driven production company that specializes in live action production, visual effects, 3D development, design, animation and editorial for the entertainment and advertising communities.

directing bunnies

directing bunnies

Erin Sarofsky established her company, Sarofsky Corp., in January of 2009 in Chicago’s booming West Loop neighborhood. They specialize in design-driven production, working with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, network, film and entertainment industries. .

While they are best known for creating gorgeous, innovative main title sequences for television and blockbuster movies (including “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Ant-Man,” “Doctor Strange”, Avengers: Infinity War”, “Animal Kingdom” and  “Shameless”), the studio produces more diverse work than just that. Sarofsky’s collective of artists, producers and technologists produce design-driven work in a wide variety of mediums, from broadcast commercials and main title sequences to screen graphics, social media content and experiential work. 

She and her artists use animation, visual effects, computer graphics and live action to collaborate with clients, from concept to delivery, producing work that is visceral, innovative and diverse. 

The great thing about Sarofsky is that they are never limited to a single approach. Their look can range from slick and sophisticated to gritty and raw. What defines the look of their work has to do with the emotion and concept they are portraying while always honoring the client’s perspective.

In the last few years Erin’s work has evolved and expanded significantly, in style and medium. Stylistically, she’s become a seasoned and diverse live-action director. Producing work that uses the Phantom camera to create imagery ranging from high-speed to the extreme macro perspective (Animal Kingdom) and also using design, cg and vfx in concert with live action to give the work a distinct, ownable look (Jeep: Halsey).  All of that work laid the groundwork for the latest piece she created for Apple; a modern day mixed media approach to capturing a moment where she reveals all her ideas trapped in an old journal. The piece was created for Apple’s Creators Series, highlighting the power of their new iMac Pro.

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For pr inquiries, you can contact Roger Darnell @ 828.773.4410
For speaking inquiries, you can reach out to Nausheen and Ricky at Gravity Speakers. 650.587.1976
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For studio tours, you can contact Buffie Wixon @ 312.492.9909
For new business, you can contact Judy Wolff @ 212.889.5353

For general inquiries you can call the Sarofsky office to be directed to the appropriate department/person @312.492.9909///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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