Guardians of the Galaxy

Continuing our relationship with Marvel Studios, we just wrapped some title work for Guardians of the Galaxy. We were excited not only to work with the Marvel team again, but also to meet and collaborate with James Gunn, a talented director whose work we all appreciate and admire.

Having just set up the studio for stereoscopic 4K to accommodate Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we were excited to jump back into the technological deep end on this project.

From the pure design side, we were especially excited to create a custom typeface for this job… Something that is rarely done these days and a total treat to have the opportunity to do.

Make sure to see the film in theaters! You won’t regret it… It is truly a great movie!

Until then, click here for the GOTG official trailer & other info!

 a little gift from james gunn

a little gift from james gunn